Panel Upgrade Cost

Here’s some pricing for most typical, 200 Amp, standard installations:

Indoor panels without meter:

Sub-Panels Typically $1800 ~ $2200

Outdoor panels with meter:

Main-Panels Typically $2900 ~ $3300



Normally a permit is needed for any major electrical upgrade. The permit cost is very different statewide. If needed, the upgrading process might include new service pole, new service feeders and adding copper grounding rods.



Position - Inside the wall (flush-mount) or On the wall (surface-mount)
Circuits - How many pre-existing circuits in the panel
Grounding - Additional grounding might needed
Feeder - Size and Length of the panel feeder
Location - Same spot or Relocation


When you upgrade the electrical panel to 200 Amps to meet these new demands, you can install new devices and appliances without any problem of running out of juice or breaking their electrical system.

triple panel2


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