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Electrical Panel Upgrade Los Angeles

If you are looking for an Electrical Panel Upgrade Los Angeles – You are in the right place. Call me today – 877-320-8760 for a Free, quick and friendly Estimate. I will give you a detailed explanation about the process and I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. I am specializing in 200 Amp Panel upgrade in Los Angeles CA. For more than 25 years, we have installed and upgraded hundreds of panels and sub-panels. If you are planning an, electrical panel upgrade Los Angeles, Generally a permit is needed. Permit costs vary widely nationwide. In most cases, the upgrading process will include, new service wiring, new service pole, adding a copper grounding rod, and removing and replacing the old panel.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Los Angeles

Panel Upgrade Los Angeles


My clients love my work. I take my time to share my knowledge and answer their questions. Whether you are planning to increase the use of power or make the property ready to future technological advancement, electrical panel upgrade has a lot of advantages. When you upgrade the service to meet these new demands, you can install new devices and appliances without any problem of running out of juice or breaking your existing system.


If you own an Older Home with old electrical Panel — Fuse boxes in home that was built before 1970 may not be ok to supply the electrical needs of a modern home, and may even be a fire hazard even if household electricity use is moderate. Old-fashioned fuse boxes should be replaced with electrical panel upgrade in Los Angeles CA for safety’s sake. Your electrician can also show you at this time if any additional wiring is necessary to meet your requirements.

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    Simple informative presentation of your service. I liked that. It tends to call you when I need electrician services.

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    Very informative.thank you for the information on upgrading my electrical panel. I would definitely chose you guys to do any electrical work in my house!


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